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A camera with a smarthphone function

How do you launch a smartphone with the market's best camera (with 41 megapixels!)? There are probably a billion ways but we chose to put the phone in the hands of 6 famous photographers/bloggers/models. With the phone, backpack and their passport ready, we then asked the public to send them wherever there was a story to cover. A story that needed to get zoomed into.

Just like culinary Shazam

We were asked by CT FOOD, one of Scandinavia's biggest whole seller of Asian food, to make people aware of their new partnership with grocery stores. We knew Asian food was a top-of-mind when it comes to eating out, but not when it comes to cooking - at least not the authentic dishes. Why? Complex ingredients and non-Asian friendly stores was two of the major reasons. To tackle this, we made @askctfood - The Asian food wizard on Instagram. Or like a Journalist said: "A culinary Shazam".

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An experiment with fashion and dirt

Ok, if Ariel Stain Remover is so extremely effective, it must mean it makes my clothes extremely clean. And if my clothes are so clean, it must mean they look brand new. If my clothes are brand new, it must mean I can return them whenever and however. Even if I bought them from, let's say Louis Vuitton.

A fun social way of saving energy

Today. more and more people live alone and according to a late study, loneliness is a bigger health threat than alcoholism, obesity and smoking. What if we could fight it with something so simple like eating, and at the same time, save energy?

The Heart Beat Race Promo picture

Keep cool and keep the car

The new Toyota Yaris Hybrid is the first Car ever built to slow you down. It's together with the new HSD Engine you'll discover the more Peaceful you. This unique feature will be demonstrated with a Race. The Heartbeat Race, where the most peaceful person wins the car.


An old board game goes digital

What do you do when all of your beloved friends starts to hang out in new different places you don't really fit into. They still love you, but you are just not there with them. Well, you go there and try to fit in. Because you love your friends, right?

A sligthly not political correct campaign

The Germans are dissatisfied with its brittle government. And since May 2010, Angela Merkels popularity has dropped with more than 20 percent. Are the Germans open for a new election, and more importantly, is the savior from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean welcome?

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A time for the big ones to prove their claim

Almost every multi billion company today claim they are social responsible. At least, this is what the consumers expects, brands with multi billion dollar revenues helping people in need. We created a way for the giants to prove their responsibility, called - The PayBack.

A way to build financial relationships

When we were kids, we got rewarded for good behavior and cleaning our rooms. Now, Deutsche Bank wants to do the same and reward you. Not as your daddy, but as your supporter. And not for clean rooms, but for good grades.

Dexter Busstop

Plastic Dramatic

When you mention The TV Serie Dexter, People think red. Red as in Blood, lots of Blood. So for the Dexter Season Premiere we wanted to flip the Steak and erase all the Splatter and just keep the small detail.

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